Retro Review: Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension (SNES) – NichePlays

Released in 1992, Zool is a 2D platformer for the Commodore Amiga. The game revolves around it’s titular gremlin on a quest to become a ninja as he travels through several worlds loaded with baddies, fruit, and collectables waiting to be nabbed. Prior to it’s release, Zool was heavily marketed as a Sonic the Hedgehog… Continue reading Retro Review: Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension (SNES) – NichePlays

Retro Review: Metroid (NES) – NichePlays

Released in 1986 for the Famicom Disk System, before being localized for the US a year later, Metroid is an 8-bit sidescrolling adventure game for the NES. Developed by Nintendo’s R&D1 team in collaboration with Intelligent Systems, the game follows bounty hunter Samus Aran on a planet trekking journey to find and eliminate the dreaded… Continue reading Retro Review: Metroid (NES) – NichePlays


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